Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Beginners

Healthy smoothie recipes for beginners

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Healthy smoothie recipes, unlike juicing recipes, are much easier and convenient to prepare. You don’t have to buy fresh fruits or cut them into smaller chunks to fit into your masticating juicer. Most if not all would also agree with me that it is easier to dismantle and clean up a blender than a juicer after enjoying that delicious drink. It is no wonder that some prefer healthy smoothie recipes to juicing recipes.

Smoothies contain a good amount of fiber and are thicker and pulpier in texture. For this reason, smoothies often make your stomach full after drinking. If you are trying to lose weight naturally, drinking smoothies will be a good alternative for meal replacement.

Drinking healthy smoothies is one way to compensate for the lack of fiber in our diet. Our body needs fiber to keep our gut healthy and active. Fiber helps our gut to maintain the right levels of good bacteria and keeps it healthy. If you like milk or yoghurt, you can also mix them into your healthy smoothie recipes for added taste and texture.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

One of the best things about making healthy smoothies is that you can use frozen fruits instead of fresh fruits. Frozen fruits are readily available at the supermarkets and can be stored in your refrigerator for a longer period. Anytime you feel like having a smoothie, you can get the ingredients from your freezer and throw them into your blender. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be enjoying a glass of invigorating and healthy smoothie.

Here’s a tip to share with you on using healthy smoothie recipes. Add yoghurt if you like to have creamy smoothies. If you prefer to have thinner and runnier smoothie, go for milk or soy milk instead.

Making healthy smoothies can be fun when you start to experiment with various ingredients for different tastes. However, if you are new to making smoothies, here are a few healthy smoothie recipes that can help you get started.

Love at Mangorange

2 mangoes
2 oranges
Lime juice
120 ml of apple juice

You will love the sweet taste of mango mixed with the refreshing, tangy orange in this smoothie recipe. Simply place the above ingredients in your blender and blend it well to your desired texture. Use fresh apple juice instead of apple juice concentrate for better and healthier taste.

Peach by the Beach

2 bananas
2 peaches
2 tangerines
120ml of orange juice

Boost your energy level with this invigorating smoothie recipe. Blend the ingredients well in your blender and be sure to use fresh orange juice.

Midnight Mystery

3 handfuls of blueberries, blackcurrants, blackberries
½ pineapple
75ml of natural yoghurt
90ml of pineapple juice

With this healthy smoothie recipe, the high antioxidants in the berries are sure to give you that radiance on your complexion. Blend the ingredients well in your blender and drink it within 20 minutes for maximum freshness. And, don’t forget to use fresh pineapple juice for a healthier smoothie.


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