Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss Made Easy

Add grapefruit to my juicing recipes for weight loss?

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With juicing recipes for weight loss, you can enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits without having to worry about adding extra sugars to your body. You might have heard of this at some point of your life – fruits contain sugar and eating too many fruits can cause you to grow fat.

The truth is, if you juice the right combination of fruits, you will not get fat on fruit juice. On the contrary, you can reduce hunger pangs, prevent cravings for all-things-sweet and reduce your weight. Besides, you can also improve your health and skin condition.


Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

So, which are the juicing recipes for weight loss that can perform such wonders? Today, we will share three easy juicing recipes that are beneficial to those on a mission to lose weight.

Apple, Apricot, Cinnamon

4 apples
3 apricots
½ teaspoon cinnamon powder

This juicing recipe is good for those who want to lose weight yet have a sweet tooth. Apples are naturally sweet because of its fructose content. When fructose is added with soluble fiber, it helps to stabilize blood sugar level and prevent cravings. Apricots keep your stomach full and cinnamon aids your body to utilize blood sugar. What this means is, your body will not have blood glucose dips, which are associated with lethargy and cravings for high calorie food.

Watermelon, Pomegranate, Peach

½ watermelon
1 pomegranate
2 peaches

This juicing recipe promises low calorie and helps to stabilize weight. Watermelons and peaches are diuretic in nature and are great for cleansing the digestive tract, thus encouraging weight loss. Pomegranate reduces the risk of heart disease.

Grapefruit, Lemon, Ginger, Honey

2 grapefruits
3 lemons
1 ginger (about 1.5 inches)
1 tablespoon honey

For maximum fat-burning effect, this juice is best drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. The ingredients in this juicing recipe provide a good amount of digestive enzymes which aids weight loss. Grapefruit stabilizes blood sugar levels as well as lowers insulin levels, which helps to prevent weight gain.

Lemon juice improves our liver function and makes our digestive system more efficient in processing food. The in turn results in less fats being stored in our body.

Ginger triggers enzyme activity and causes more digestive juices to be secreted in the stomach. This helps our body to utilize the dietary fats, rather than storing it. Ginger also has the added benefit of supporting the immune system and fighting infections.

There are many juicing recipes for weight loss. I consider the third recipe above as one of the best due to its ultra powerful combination in fat-burning. But, if vegetable juices are your preference, you’ll be delighted to know that we will be covering that in the upcoming posts.

Do bookmark our site and check back regularly for tips on juicing for weight loss.


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