Maximize the Benefits of Drinking Juice

Drinking juice is one of the best ways to meet the daily recommended intake of 5 to 7 portions of fruits and vegetables. While it can be tough for some to eat fruits and vegetables at every meal, most would agree that drinking a glass of refreshing fresh juice a day is not an issue. And the best thing is, you can have a variety of fruits and vegetables in that single glass of juice!

There is no doubt that drinking juice regularly benefits our health and gives us the beauty advantage too. But, are you aware that if you drink juice at the wrong time or in an incorrect way, you could be wasting the precious nutrients of fresh juice?


How to Maximize the Benefits of Drinking Juice

To maximize the benefits of drinking juice, we will look at two aspects – How to drink and When to drink?

How to Drink Juice

Maximize the benefits of drinking juice by having it on an empty stomach

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Just as food is best consumed when it is freshly cooked, it is best to drink juice immediately after it is freshly prepared. Drinking juice within 20 minutes after it is prepared is the next best option if you are unable to consume it immediately. Doing so ensures that you body receives the vitamins, minerals, living enzymes and other vital nutrients while they are at their best.

When drinking juice, avoid gulping it down as if you have just finished a marathon. Enjoy the process of drinking juice, savor the fullness of the taste and think of all the wonderful cleansing and health-boosting work it is doing within your body. You don’t drink juice for thirst-quenching but for the living nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinking juice slowly allows your body to better absorb the predigested nutrients in juices.

When to Drink Juice

The best time to drink juice is in the morning when your stomach has already “fasted” through the night while you sleep. As your stomach hunger for food, drinking juice at this time will allow the vital nutrients to be readily and quickly absorbed into your body.

What if you are always caught in the mad rush in the mornings and have no time for drinking juice? Well, if you can only drink juice at other times of the day, just make sure that you do it at least 20 to 30 minutes before meals. Alternatively, you can also drink juice 1 hour or more after meals.

Here’s a word of caution to those who have the habit of drinking juice while having their meal. It is not recommended to mix juices with food as this result in fermentation in your digestive tract. Remember the flatulence and discomfort you felt in your stomach the last time you drank juice with meals? Now you know the reason.

Drinking juice with meals not only disrupts the digestion of your food, it also hinders the absorption of nutrients from the juice. At the end of the day, you will just be wasting the nutrients from both your juice and meal.


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